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We are a local expression of the Church and therefore a part of God's work in local expressions all over the world. Our goal is to engage everyone belonging to Christ in partnering with missionaries doing works of justice, mercy, and evangelism with those who are far from God.


Places are strategic, intentional partnerships with Wesleyan missionaries who are working with local churches. We focus on these places with our resources and funding because they're engaged in justice, mercy and evangelism through their local church.


People are missionaries who are part of our church family doing work that we support and encourage. Their role is often training people for God's work or teaching believers about life in God's family.


Projects are organizations we work with to accomplish things we care about like clean water, trafficking prevention, and economic development for disadvantaged groups of people. To apply as a team member for one of our projects this year, please contact [email protected] to receive an application and project manual.




Jason and Kerensa McFrederick & Family

Czech Republic

[email protected]

Jason and Kerensa both serve in Global Partners leadership in Europe, cultivating church planting movements through incarnational living and disciple making. Kerensa is the Global Partners Area Director overseeing the gifted and dedicated missionary crew who are ministering in varying contexts from atheist to Muslim, while Jason is the Field Leader for the Czech Republic

Europe luke kyla.jpg

Luke and Kyla Paraventi & Family

Czech Republic

[email protected]

The Paraventi's spent two years with All Shores serving as Missionary Residents. In 2017 they felt a calling to to serve in one of the most atheist nations in the world. They are now leading Bible studies for teens, youth group, and relationship building at Brno at Majak (Lighthouse) Community Center.

Europe luke kyla.jpg

Rich and Deb Stinehart

Rich and Deb have been serving missionaries for years through the global outreach of All Shores and are now serving overseas as wellness coaches for Global Partners in Europe. More than 30 families are cared for by Rich and Deb.


Rich and Deb Stinehart

Czech Republic

[email protected]

Rich and Deb have been serving missionaries for years through the global outreach of All Shores and are now serving overseas as wellness coaches for Global Partners in Europe. More than 30 families are cared for by Rich and Deb.


Asia Ben and sherry.jpeg

Ben and Sharon & Family


[email protected]

Ben is the Global Partners Area Director, providing leadership and encouragement to our missionaries and national leaders in five Asian countries. As a coach, he creates clear pathways for local churches to engage in the global mission. Ben and Sharon both seek to inform and inspire the North America Church by telling the story of global transformation.


Jen and Cory & Family

Northeast Asia

Since 2016, they have been working with the leaders of the Wesleyan Church in Northeast Asia to create a ministerial development process to more effectively train pastors. The missionary family is supplying church planting and leadership development for the national church that All Shores Wesleyan partners with. 


Alex and SreyMao


Alex and SreyMao are humble servants dedicated to following God's call in Cambodia. Their journey began when Alex, coming from the United States, arrived in Cambodia and found both love in SreyMao and a mutual desire to serve God in ministry. God has put on their hearts the desire to disciple youth and to help them understand that making the decision to follow Christ is worth the cost. This vision is realized through working with local churches to help foster sustainable ministry platforms in Cambodia. Alex and Sreymao foresee a future where Cambodian youth are being raised up and sent out to share the gospel in communities where the good news has yet to be received.

Turkic Arabic

(Due to security risks, personal information cannot be posted.
To subscribe to their newsletters, contact 
[email protected])


Missionary Family ministering to the Fotizo people

This family works with Global Partners to see indigenous church planting movements throughout the Turkic and Arab Muslim Area. The husband is the Global Partners Area director over a team caring and ministering to the Karis, Karis North, Nune, Fotizo, Amanah fields.


Missionary Family ministering to the Karis people

This family works with Global Partners to see indigenous church planting movements throughout the Turkic and Arab Muslim Area. They live among the Karis people, a Turkic Muslim people group, assisting with church planting work and humanitarian aid efforts with an international organization.

City Sky

Missionary Family ministering to the Waha people

Trae, Makayla, and their daughter live in the largest concentration of Arabs outside of the Middle East. Makayla leads a cross-cultural immersion internship program for young-adults. They are also both a part of a team that is working to establish a Disciple-Making Movement across their city.



Dina Horne - NEXT Program

[email protected]


Dina Horne is an ordained Wesleyan pastor and currently serves as the NEXT developer, Global Partners’ mentored cross-cultural immersion experience for young adults. Dina coaches and equips site leaders all over the world to ensure a stellar internship for NEXT interns. 


Missionary to the Nune people

This individual from All Shores is serving on a team in Central Asia to reach a Muslim community with the purpose of evangelism, leadership development and church planting led by nationals.


Noah and Kennedie Reynolds


[email protected]


Noah & Kennedy Reynolds serve in Thailand with Crossworld, a ministry in the local villages that serve the children by teaching English as a second language and establishing relationships to establish the Church in Thailand.


Ben and Diana Veurink and Family


[email protected]

The Veurink's have been serving in Colombia for several years now with YWAM and are now partnering with a local church to provide leadership and discipleship to children's programing and pastoral training.  Ben was a member of All Shores and was called out to the mission field in his teen years!


Nico and Audrey Suarez


[email protected]


Audrey serves in Colombia as the discipleship and social services specialist working with the COSDECOL soccer ministry and in the restorative justice ministry with Prison Fellowship.



Children's Hope Chest 

CHC is a partner with All Shores and together we serve 166 vulnerable children and their families in Shashamene, Ethiopia. Teams travel each year to build relationships with the church, families, and community in Ethiopia. Together we have provided, food, education, clothing, healthcare, a water source, a latrine, and trained and financed more than 50 families on income generating activities (goat projects, market sales, etc.).


Global Partner Health Network

GPHN exists to identify, inspire, motivate, and mobilize healthcare professionals to partner with Global Partners medical initiatives around the world. Director, Scott Addison, is a member of All Shores and our Outreach Team.


More information about GPHN.

Streets of Quedlinburrg

Refugee Ministry

We partner with the Friendship Center in Grand Rapids as we periodically send a group of people over to serve dinners to local refugees. You can imagine the overwhelming sense of change and insecurity that comes from resettling as a refugee. We share radical love in practical ways through our relationships with these families who look to the Friendship Center for support and care. We also periodically welcome a refugee family through our partnership with Bethany Christian Services/PARA (Programs Assisting Refugee Acculturation). As a co-sponsor we help the family settle in to their new culture here in the Tri-Cities.

More information about Refugee Ministry


If you are interested in serving with our refugee ministry, please email [email protected]

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