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From the very beginning, God created marriage and gave us a wonderful design to follow for marital success. His design was given to lovingly guide us into deep fulfillment, intimacy and joy. In order to build God-honoring marriages, we are committed to thorough preparation of couples prior to the performance of the wedding ceremony and after-care as well.


To begin the process, please start by reading our short Wedding Handbook and then please submit a Wedding Request form. Our Wedding Coordinator will contact you once your request has been reviewed.

If you have any questions, please call our church office at 616-842-9022. Thank you and congratulations on your engagement!



Funerals and memorial services are times for remembering, honoring, and celebrating loved ones who have passed away. When you experience the loss of a loved one, All Shores Wesleyan Church is able to provide the care and resources for a service. We will work with the funeral home you choose to provide a service that fits your needs. Our pastors are available to assist families by offering support, comfort, and prayer, and our staff work to make the process smooth during this difficult time for your family.


To make funeral arrangements, please contact Penny Flipse at [email protected] or at 616.842.9022 x314



If you have questions about renting a room within the church for a meeting or event, please contact our Facilities Director, Penny Flipse.


[email protected]

616.842.9022 x314

Have you had a big life change, update your information!

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