Have you started attending All Shores in the last couple of years? Are you trying to figure out how to connect or have questions about the church? Whether this is your first week, or you have been joining us for a while and still feel new or desire to get more connected, join us for an Explore All Shores event! Free lunch and childcare will be provided.

Go to our events page to find out when the next Explore All Shores event is.


Welcome to an exciting step in your Christian life! Taking the opportunity to be baptized as a believer in Christ is a tremendous step of love and obedience in your relationship with Jesus. It is also a great way to make a public statement about your faith in God.

To learn more and inquire about registration, please click the link. We will provide you with the materials to assist you in preparing for this very special event. Begin praying now that God would give you the courage to follow through with your baptism and to invite friends and family to witness your baptism.