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The list of gifts here is exemplary, not exhaustive, so please know you very well may have gifts that are not represented here. We've tried to keep the list focused on areas available for serving at All Shores so that we can help you to engage in serving when you're ready for that!

This assessment contains 55 questions and will take 10-15 minutes to complete.

According to the scale below, select the response that best describes or characterizes yourself. Do not answer according to what you think should be true, but based on actual past experience. Do not leave any answers blank. A copy of your results will be sent to the Community Life team, so that we can follow up with you in regards to how you may use your gifts to serve at All Shores and beyond.

0 - Not at all characteristic of me/definitely not true for me.

1 - Occasionally characteristic of me/true for me (about 25% of the time).

2 - Sometimes characteristic of me/true for me (about 50% of the time).

3 - Usually characteristic of me/true for me (about 75% of the time).

4 - Always is a characteristic of me/definitely true for me.

Answer each item as quickly, honestly, and accurately as possible. If you dwell too long on a particular question, you are less likely to answer it with

complete honesty.

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