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21 Days of Prayer Challenge



21 Days of Prayer is a season that we set apart to seek God daily in prayer. This season we are focusing on three church wide requests given by our leadership to build unity in our prayers as a church.


We ask that everyone commit to praying for 20 minutes daily during our 21 Days of Prayer which begins on January 9, 2023 at 6:00 AM. Select a time that will work daily for to pray from home. Join with your church family in praying specifically for the church, as well as your own personal needs. We anticipate God moving mightily as we join together in intercession. 


This open-house style worship night provides you the space and opportunity to come and sit in God's presence, praying, singing, reading Scripture, and journaling while acoustic worship provides atmosphere for abiding. There will be butcher paper in the lobby for you to write prayers and gratitudes. There is no hard start or finish time...come and go as you please!



A Prayerful Review of Your Day

1. Be aware of God's presence. Be silent and still, asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the insights God wants you to impart and how He wants to light your path.

2. Express gratitude. Give thanks to God for the blessings and gifts He has given you today; the day itself is a gift from Him.

3. Reflect on your day. Look back on your day, noting how God was at work in high points and low ones, too. Notice how God has been at work in your life today through other people and the situations of your day.

4. Ask for forgiveness. Express sorry for the ways in which you failed to live in God's will today and ask for His grace to help you overcome these areas of weakness.

5. Look forward. Make a spiritual resolution(s) for tomorrow. Relying on the insight God has given you, ask Him how He wants you to grow, and have a hopeful resolve to implement your commitment.

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