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Jesus came to create a new kind of family. Through his redemption he covers our brokenness and through his resurrection, he breathes life into us making us new - not only individually but new together!

1. Reveal. What does this passage reveal about God?

2. Reflect. What does this passage say about you? 

3. Respond. What does this passage prompt you to do in response?

4. Relate. Who could you share this with?


1. Read through a different gospel every week for four weeks (wk 1: Matthew, wk. 2: Mark, etc.)

2. Read a psalm a day for four weeks

3. Read a proverb a day for four weeks

4. Read the weekly passages from our sermons

5. Engage in a four week youversion reading plan 

6. Read Dan Kimball's "How (Not) to Read the Bible"

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