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We live in a world of devolving character. Our leaders are driven by power, our heroes are failing us, our values are negotiable if we can get the outcome we seek, and our focus is on others’ failures and flaws rather than examine our own lives and character. We have lost our heroes, lost our models and lost our way. But the path forward is His work in us, not in the vilification of others. We must look inside and invite the Holy Spirit to examine us, deep inside and to help us become His people, living our His values, with His heart.

We are taking an inward journey during lent, asking Jesus to cultivate in us, His character, His way of living, aligning with His kingdom and purposes in and through us.


Infinitum is a way of life centered on following Jesus by loving God and loving others through an emphasis on the habits and disciplines of surrender, generosity, and mission. We aim to see the Bible and also the world through these Jesus-colored lenses. Each week’s plan will include a focus on a traditional Lenten Biblical text using Infinitum tools and lenses to enhance our experience.

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