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Thanks for your interest in getting involved in our worship ministry!


Our audition process serves a few purposes: (1) it helps us continue to strive for excellence by only adding individuals to our team who have a clear giftedness/calling in the area of worship ministry and (2) it helps us to get to know each other better before you even step foot on stage for a Sunday service. (3) It helps us get a feel for your style of musicianship.


Please create a video audition of yourself playing/singing along to two songs from the following list:


(Sing the melody on one song and sing a harmony on one song--please pick one female led and one male led)


Female Lead:

A Thousand Hallelujahs-

Goodness of God-

What a Beautiful Name-

Male Lead:

Come out of that Grave-

That's the Power -

I Belong to Jesus-



Christ Be Magnified-

Awake My Soul-

God of Revival-


Acoustic Guitar

God of Revival-

Stand in Your Love-

Glorious Day-


Electric Guitar


We Praise You-

Glorious Day-




Man of Your Word (Play until 6:26)

We Praise You-



(Audition with one song in 6/8 and one song in 4/4)

Great Are You Lord (6/8)-

Graves into Gardens (6/8)-

Egypt (4/4)-

Mercy (4/4)-


Once you've completed your video audition, return to this page and fill out the form below. Be sure to include a link to your video.

Email Carter Lezman at with any questions.

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