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Below you'll find impactful stories of life change and ways God has moved in peoples lives. How is God moving in your personal spiritual journey? How are you watching God move in the life of your "One-life" or your Growth Group?

Laura Strait and Tracee Cole share about what their cancer group has meant to each of them.

Lindsey VanDoorn shares how she saw past the excuses and took a step towards building a community by joining a group.

Kyle Herlain shares how he stepped into his role as a group leader and built a community of friends.

Melodie Hoekzema shares her bravery in becoming a group leader.

Ken Erny shares how his community helped him and his family rebuild a wheelchair accessible home after learning of his diagnosis with ALS.

Jordan Auten shares his struggle with anxiety and how he found peace in God and the courage to serve. 

Kay Bytwerk shares how her practice of evangelism and prayer lead a stranger to faith in a grocery store line.

The Feddemas shares how their group helped them grieve through their miscarriage and find community at All Shores.

Dezi Burns shares how her act of discipleship peaked her friends interested in Christ.

Jill Browuer shares how her group helped her find community at All Shores.

Lindsay Van Hook shares how she was the church deployed by redoing her front porch so she could love on her neighbors.

Shar Maclaren shares how her faith prayer was answered when her brother finally came to Christ.

Jack and Carol share different ways they were the church deployed through loving their neighbors.

Jeff and Bev share how an act of evangelism led a number of neighbors to join them for church service on their porch.

The Potts share how leading a group helped build their community.

Chip and Carol share how they intentionally loved their neighbors through weekly prayer walks around their neighborhood.

Karen Myers shares how her father's passing lead her to organize monthly blood drives, saving hundreds of lives.

Dave and Hannah share how their group bonded over life as new parents and filled their loneliness for their family back in Germany.

Jason Johnson shares his God-given gift through spoken word.

Chris and Deb share how they prayed for boldness in loving their neighbors.

Patty and Charlie share their story of generosity in providing 300 backpacks for kids in their community.

Ryan and Kit share how their journey that lead them to get baptized.

Grant shares the different way him and his family faithfully serves at All Shores.

Sam shares how a missions trip inspired him to live a life in ministry. 

Darlene shares her testimony.

Mari shares her how her exchange family and Warehouse influenced her decision to get baptized.

Tom shares how his baptism made him new again.

Wendy shares her work with kids is what led her to appreciate the meaning of baptism. 

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