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Christmas Eve Eve - 12/23

7 P.M.

Christmas Eve - 12/24

3 P.M. | 5 P.M. | 7 P.M. | 10 P.M.

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We are called to be "radically loving" and that can mean putting others needs in front of our own. While we are longing to gather in person we are celebrating Christmas ONLINE ONLY. Join us online or on Facebook Live and connect with others and online hosts.


We want every household connected to All Shores to have a Christmas kit, and every family with kids to have a Family Experience bag, because it will have essential items included to give you the most meaningful engagement with our services. As you pickup your kits we will get a chance to (safely) connect with and pray over you!


Additionally, every household will be given an extra Christmas kit (and every family an extra bag) so that you can give one to a friend, neighbor, or coworker that you want to invite to join us for a meaningful and transformative Christmas!


We recognize that for many Christmas comes alongside of grief, sadness, broken dreams, missed opportunities and broken relationships.  We are allowing for those struggling and grieving to find space to reflect and ask Jesus to meet them and provide comfort and hope in the darkness. 

Family Experience

Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve