Staff & Leadership

Leadership Team

  • Peter Yoshonis

    Peter Yoshonis

    Lead Pastor

    ext. 303

    Peter was initially reluctant to come to All Shores, as he and his wife loved their community and the life they had prior to living in Spring Lake. However, it was clear that God was asking Peter to join the staff at All Shores in 1999, and they are thankful for His intervention in their lives! Peter has been the Lead Pastor since 2008, and he loves leading and teaching the church as well as equipping others to lead also. Peter is passionate about sharing what he is learning from The Lord with others, and he is especially excited to help those who are wandering or far from God discover God’s power, goodness, and love for them. When Peter is not at the church, his favorite place to be is spending time with his wife. He also loves sports and competition, whether it’s participating himself or cheering on one of his favorite teams. He’s also an 80s rocker at heart, so anytime he gets to pull out his Paul Reed Smith and shred a bit, he’s a happy man!

  • Julie Burns

    Julie Burns

    Operations Director

    ext. 306

    Julie and her family first came to All Shores after being invited by a friend. While at work, she loves helping people discover their skills and gifts, and then giving them opportunities to learn and succeed. Julie is also passionate about letting people know that Jesus is for them, and that His love for them surpasses any they have ever known. When Julie’s not at work, she is often enjoying a good book, music, and her family.

  • Jay Hostetler

    Jay Hostetler

    Next Gen Director

  • Thad Spring

    Thad Spring

    Outreach Pastor

    ext. 333

    Thad loves preaching, leading, and developing young leaders for ministry, and these passions all play important roles in his position as our Outreach Pastor. Thad loves seeing God at work in a variety of settings--everything from kids ministry classrooms to outreach events to committee meetings! He also enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, on his motorcycle, out on his boat on the lake, or training for and running half-marathons.

  • Dan Ward

    Dan Ward

    Community Life Pastor

    ext. 336

    Dan first joined All Shores as our student ministry pastor, but currently serves by making sure we have amazing people leading our Growth Groups. Dan loves helping our leaders problem solve, navigate change, and facilitate groups that are fulfilling our church mission. He also enjoys meeting with people to help them grow spiritually. When Dan isn’t serving at the church, he often at home with his wife, reading, enjoying good music, or developing one of his many hobbies.

  • Joel Yoshonis

    Joel Yoshonis

    Worship Pastor

    ext. 334

    Joel was drawn back to the Church after spending most of his college years asking God questions and trying to avoid a long term commitment to the Church. After rediscovering his passion for worship and an authentic community of faith, he joined the staff at All Shores as the Worship Pastor. He is excited to see people willing to worship and live in a radically loving way that changes hearts and nations. Joel shares a passion for music with his wife, Liz, loves spending time with her and their son, and is a fan of Red Wings hockey, Lions football, and the University of Michigan.


  • Ralph Baynum

    Ralph Baynum

    Pastor Emeritus & Counseling Pastor

    ext. 322

    Ralph has a long history with All Shores, as he served as our lead pastor for 22 years before developing counseling ministries elsewhere. Ralph returned to All Shores after being invited to start our counseling ministry where he uses his passion to help new believers grow in their relationship with God. When Ralph gets the opportunity, he can’t stop talking about the availability of a vibrant, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Ralph also loves golf, and if he isn’t spending time with family, he is often found golfing.

  • Dave Boomgaard

    Dave Boomgaard

    Campus Pastor & Facilities Pastor

    ext. 328

    Dave is a Spring Lake native and loves the people and community here. He is a jack-of-all-trades and we are grateful for his many skills as he serves in his role. Dave is also known for his ability to sweet-talk the office copier machine into working! When he isn’t at the church, he can be found spending time with his wife and three daughters, or outdoors bow hunting or playing sports.

  • Rebecca Buursma

    Rebecca Buursma

    Outreach Ministry Partner

    ext. 340

  • Lani  Chamberlain

    Lani Chamberlain

    Lead Pastor Ministry Partner

    ext. 303

  • Alecia da Cruz

    Alecia da Cruz

    Outreach Resident

    ext. 320

  • Sam Dahl

    Sam Dahl

    Next Gen Resident


  • Jennifer Ellison

    Jennifer Ellison

    Outreach Associate Pastor

    ext. 304

    Jennifer is a West Michigan native, and after several moves which took her across North America, she and her husband returned to our area. Jennifer is passionate about helping people find healing and wholeness in relationship with God, and she loves being able to serve with us by shaping ministries that allow people to love their neighbors in practical ways. When Jennifer isn’t working here, she spends her time hanging out with her husband and daughter, preparing for the Bible and theology classes she teaches, reading, or running.

  • Penny Flipse

    Penny Flipse

    Facilities Coordinator

    ext. 312

  • Steven Harris

    Steven Harris

    Associate Worship Production Director

    ext. 324

    Steven has been learning and preparing for his role at All Shores by playing guitar and leading worship since he was a freshman in high school. After graduating from college, Steven joined our staff as a resident worship pastor, which has been an opportunity for him to grow musically and spiritually. When Steven isn’t at work, he is often relaxing at home, watching tv or movies and repairing gadgets that need a little TLC. 

  • Diana Holton

    Diana Holton

    Accounting Clerk

    Diana first started attending All Shores with her family so they could be a part of a church in the same community where her son was going to school. She has experience working in a variety of fields, and she currently serves by helping keep track of our bookkeeping. Diana enjoys music in her free time, and she especially likes to sing in choirs. 

  • Donna Hostetler

    Donna Hostetler

    Kids Ministry Director

    ext. 310

  • Jen Hostetler

    Jen Hostetler

    Next Gen Ministry Partner

    ext. 335

  • Kim Knauf

    Kim Knauf

    Community Life Coordinator

    ext. 329

    Kim first experienced All Shores when she photographed a wedding here. She loved it and has been attending (and photographing many of our events) ever since! Kim likes meeting new people, and her position on staff allows her to help make great first impressions and create a safe environment at All Shores. Kim also enjoys hanging out with her family and Growth Group, baking, and planning trips to Europe to experience new people and cultures.

  • Evan Kosters

    Evan Kosters

    Student Ministry Director

    ext. 337

    Evan first connected to All Shores through the Student Ministry, where he often led worship. Years later, he followed God’s leading to leave a secure business job to join our student ministry and worship teams. Evan is the Campus Worship Leader at our Coopersville Campus, and also helps direct Warehouse. He loves working with the next generation and helping them recognize God’s plan for their lives. Evan’s passion is music, and he is frequently playing, listening to, creating, and talking about it. 


  • Alex Lynch

    Alex Lynch

    Resident Worship Director

    ext. 315

    Alex found the All Shores resident program after being called to the worship ministry in college. He has experience helping with worship teams at previous churches but he is excited to come to All Shores and pursue God while serving others. Alex's major passions are playing music and helping others, he boasts quite a large Spotify library but he is always looking for more music to add. When he is not at the church, you can find Alex playing sports, hiking, snowboarding, watching movies or cheering on his hometown Kansas City Royals and Chiefs. 

  • Tracy McMartin

    Tracy McMartin


    ext. 314

    Tracy and her family came to All Shores by a friend’s invitation and immediately connected with the teaching, music, and people they now call friends. Tracy uses her background and interest in finance to help us keep our accounting in order. She is inspired when she sees God use ordinary people to carry out His mission and is thankful God is using her gifts to serve the church. When Tracy isn’t crunching numbers at work, she enjoys playing sports and spending time with her family outdoors, camping and swimming at Lake Michigan.

  • Heather McClain

    Heather McClain

    Communications Coordinator

    ext. 330

  • Betsy Philpott

    Betsy Philpott

    Kids & Student Ministries Campus Director

    ext. 338

    Betsy’s journey with All Shores began when she started praying for God to lead her and her family to a church where they all could all agree that it was a good fit. After their first Sunday at All Shores, she and her husband knew it was their church home. When Betsy isn’t hard at work taking care of all the details for the Outreach department, she is usually spending time with her family and friends, gardening, hiking, and sharing what God is doing in their lives.

  • Justin Van Hook

    Justin Van Hook

    Production Director

    ext. 319

    Prior to joining the All Shores staff, Justin was living his teenage dream of touring the world with a band and playing music. However, he and his wife knew this was not the path God intended for him, and God answered their prayers with a position for Justin on staff at All Shores. Justin loves learning how things work, and brings a lot of talent and expertise in audio and visual engineering to our team. On the weekends, Justin is often hanging out with his wife and friends, in his recording studio making music, or in the woods camping and fishing.

  • EJ Wood

    EJ Wood

    Community Life Associate Pastor & Worship Leader

    ext. 308

    EJ grew up in the church and has been involved in church ministry as long as he can remember. He joined All Shores with his wife Mallory, our Associate Pastor of Kids Ministry. EJ brings an inexhaustible optimism to the team and enjoys encouraging others. He loves his role in helping people connect with the church and watching the Kingdom of God expand. EJ also loves singing, listening to, and playing music, as well as watching sports, particularly University of Michigan and his hometown’s Buffalo Bills. 

  • Mallory Wood

    Mallory Wood

    Kids Ministry Associate Pastor

    ext. 301

    In Mallory’s words, it was “a series of perfectly orchestrated events” (including her husband’s intervention) that brought her to serve at All Shores. She loves being a part of the Kids Ministry team so she can partner with families in our church to train up their kids in Christ and to walk with them through the joys and pains of life. When she’s not at work, Mallory loves spending time with her own family or being outdoors in nature, where she feels the abundance of God’s love.

Local Board of Administration

  • Lilly Durinda  Bontrager

    Lilly Durinda Bontrager

  • Mike Bradford

    Mike Bradford

  • Julie Burns

    Julie Burns

  • Ann Dawson

    Ann Dawson

  • Michelle Dewey

    Michelle Dewey

  • Craig Fuller

    Craig Fuller

  • Steve  Namenye

    Steve Namenye

  • Luke Reynolds

    Luke Reynolds

  • Deb Stinehart

    Deb Stinehart

  • Steve Swanson

    Steve Swanson

  • Jennifer VanSlooten

    Jennifer VanSlooten

  • Peter Yoshonis

    Peter Yoshonis

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