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Faith and Finances

Faith & Finances

Faith & Finances is an 8-week financial education ministry where we will come together to discover God's purpose for our money.  We'll also learn how to track income and expenses, save money, for emergencies, and pay off debt.

Join the Team!

We are looking for:

  • Cooks (or shoppers!) to provide meals each week

Join the Class!

Do you know God's purpose for your money?  Come discover it with us through Faith & Finances--a financial education ministry for people who:

  • Are just starting out learning how to manage money
  • Don't have a lot of extra money to spare
  • Desire to overcome financial obstacles
  • Want to save money and pay of debt

Sound like you?  Come join us for a 8-week journey as we discover God's design for our money!  Along the way, we'll laugh, eat together, and learn from one another.  Our next class begins this fall.

For more information contact   or call 616-842-9022 x304

If you have updates to your personal or contact information, such as a change of address, email, or phone number, marital status or birth of children, please email us so we may update our records.

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