Join the Core

What is the Core?
The Core are the members of our church that are actively participating in and furthering our mission to be "radically loving, growing together in Christ." As a church, we look to this group of people to provide lay leadership as we make decisions and pursue our mission.

How to join the Core
If you have not done so yet, watch Discover now to learn more about our story and mission and values. This is an important first step to learn about who we are as a church.

There are several things that we believe are significant to being a healthy part of the All Shores church family and are essential to embodying our mission.


We want to fully engage in Sunday morning worship services. We believe there is something sacred about us coming together. The Bible even calls it the "sacred assembly." Something beautiful happens when we come together to be taught the Scriptures and to worship and encounter The Lord together.

Growth Group
Just as the New Testament believers gathered both in the temple and house-to-house, we understand that transformation and "being the church" happens in community. It's not "me and Jesus" but "us and Jesus." This happens on Sundays in only a limited way, so it is in group life that we get to know each other, and care for, encourage, speak truth to, and support each other in smaller community.

We believe that the body of Christ--the church--is built up as each one does its part. God has given each of us gifts, and when we use them in serving we not only help others grow in faith, but we also grow up individually.

Engaging in Scripture is essential to a personally centered faith. As we read, we learn to hear the voice of the Spirit. We learn to hear Him not only while we read the Bible, but also as we step away from it. We grow in relationship with Him and live out that relationship beyond times of reading. We define being "engaged" as spending time in the Scriptures 4-7 times each week. 

One Life
The very nature of God is found in Him reaching out to us, and He invites us to live the same kind of life. The more we discover Christ, the more we want others to discover Christ, and so we each reach out to One Life. We do this to love and care for them. Our goal is not to convince them of who God is but to display who He is by how we treat them, and we want to invite them into the same process we're going through towards Christ.  

Join the Core

If you agree to these commitments, we'd love for you to join us in our mission as partners and ministers and sign your name to a promise on our Core covenant.

If you have updates to your personal or contact information, such as a change of address, email, or phone number, marital status or birth of children, please email us so we may update our records.

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