We are together because life is messy.  Some of that messiness comes from our own choices or addictions, sometimes we are affected by the addictions and choices of others (sometimes it's a combination of both). 

These groups will begin meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays 

The Recovering Family Group 

The Recovering Family Group is designed specifically for the family members of someone facing addiction.  Close friends would also benefit from participating.  It is led by a licensed therapist from OAR.  Topics covered include: Expectations in Life & Recovery; The Brain & Addiction; Grief, Loss, and Blame; Codependency & Enabling in the Family.  This group is not appropriate for children, though older teens may benefit at their parent's discretion and the discretion of the therapist leading the group.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Group 

This group focuses on drug and alcohol addiction.  It is a peer-facilitated open share group, similar to what you'd experience at AA or Celebrate Recovery.  

Other Groups

Other recovery and support groups will be added as the needs, opportunities, and resources arise.


We currently do not have onsite childcare available; though we hope to add it in the future.


We need volunteers to help with: Greeters, snack-shoppers, coffee-makers, childcare providers (eventually), and others logistics.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Ellison, ; 616-842-9022 x304


If you have updates to your personal or contact information, such as a change of address, email, or phone number, marital status or birth of children, please email us so we may update our records.

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